Smart PPT Converter Features and Benefits


You can email a PowerPoint presentation to people who don't have PowerPoint installed on their computer. Just convert PPT to video and attach the video to the e-mail.



You can upload your presentation to your blog or website. To do this you'll need to convert PowerPoint to video.



Upload your PowerPoint presentations to video sharing sites such as YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Metacafe and others.



You can run your PowerPoint presentations on your mobile phone or on a device such as an iPod, iPhone or BlackBerry.


Convert PPT to video in all popular file formats

Smart PPT Converter can convert PPT to video files such as AVI, WMV, MPEG, MOV, MP4, SWF, FLV, ASF, VOB and 3GP. You can upload these files to video sharing web sites such as YouTube. Or you can burn them on a DVD or watch them on a computer without PowerPoint.


Keep all the special effects of a presentation in the resulting video file

Every detail in the source PPT (animations, transition effects, embedded videos, music and sound effects) is preserved in the video file.


Customize the output video files

Advanced users can fine tune the parameters of the output files. You can choose among a variety of video codecs, set the size and the aspect ratio of the video as well as the frame rate and the bit rate. You can also select among various audio codecs and set the output bit rate, sample rate and the number of channels.



With just a few clicks you can convert your PowerPoint presentation to a video file. The software will seamlessly guide you through the process.


Customize the conversion process

For those of you who want to tweak the result, Smart PPT Converter offers a whole bunch of features: You can set a default transition time between slides. You can also choose to ignore the background sound in the PowerPoint presentation. And you can add your own sound track to the video. The software gives you the opportunity to keep the aspect ratio of the original presentation in the output video. Or you can choose to ignore the animation effects.


Excellent video quality

Smart PPT Converter produces video files of excellent quality with perfectly synchronized sound effects.


Convert multiple files at once

Just add all the PPT files you need to convert and click Convert.


Smart PPT Converter Standard

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Smart PPT Converter Pro

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Only in Pro version: manually control the progression of slides, add your own narration and record to DVD.